Natural Breast Thrush Remedies

Drug Free, Safe and Effective Treatment
For You and Your Baby!

Would you like to discover a way to treat your breast thrush naturally? What about your baby's oral thrush? How much better would it be to not have to use drugs for your little one?

It is possible, and it's easier than you think!!

Thrush is one of those insidious and difficult to fully eradicate diseases. It's basically a sign that your body is out of balance. I've got some quick, easy remedies for nipple thrush at the end of the page, but if you really want to get rid of it properly and for good rather than just making things feel better now, it's worth doing a proper natural thrush treatment course.

The 3 Day Thrush Cure actually eliminates thrush –AND the yeast overgrowth that causes it, even if no signs or symptoms are present.

This book really helps you get to the root imbalance that's causing your thrush. I personally recommend this one because it really is natural and the author, Rebecca Harworth, has really researched all the side effects of both the conventional drug treatments, but also some of the harmful effects of the natural thrush treatments - in particular Gentian Violet and Tea Tree Oil.

Natural breast thrush remedies that are totally safe, to me is such an important thing as many natural remedies do have side effects and I think the average consumer needs to be aware of that.

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"The 3 Day Thrush Cure!" is an ebook so you will be able to get onto treatment straight away! It's packed with information that's essential to understanding why you got thrush and how to get rid of it for good, including:

  • 11 reasons your body is a breeding ground for a yeast overgrowth
  • 7 of the most common signs that you have thrush
  • How to recognise your next yeast overgrowth so you can treat it before you get full blown thrush
  • Step-bystep instructions of natural breast thrush treatment, as well as natural treatment for adult, oral, infant and vaginal thrush as well as foot fungus
  • 3 easy ways to relieve your pain straight away

This isn't a treatment that merely masks the symptoms, it's a real cure.  By targeting and treating the real cause of your thrush you will be armed with the power to never let it happen again!

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So How Do You Know If You Have Breast Thrush?

Just as in vaginal thrush, breast thrush is caused by candida albicans. It presents with breast and nipple soreness which doesn't improve with better positioning and attachment of the baby. A sharp pain with breastfeeding is commonly noted, and some mothers also note itchiness of the nipple.

Your nipple will usually look quite pink, sometimes redder. This is what makes it difficult to tell whether you have thrush or just damage from a poor latch. You may have some reddening of the breast and areola, some cracks which aren't healing well and potentially, though not always, a white rash.

If your baby is affected, it's a very good sign that you also have breast thrush. Your baby's mouth will have a white coating, or redness and white spots around their anus. The photo at the top of the page shows a very bad case of infant oral thrush, but an early case will show a white coating on the tongue that isn't able to be rubbed off with your finger.

Natural Breast Thrush Remedies You Can Use
Straight Away to Relieve Your Pain

  • Leave your breasts out of a bra as much as possible to keep the area dry between feeds. If you don't leak much at night place a towel under you while you sleep and leave your breasts exposed overnight also
  • Don't leave wet breast pads on! Change them after each feed
  • If your nipples stay wet for a long time, use a hair dryer on it's low setting to dry them
  • Sunlight helps kill thrush, and is possibly the best natural breast thrush remedy of all! If you have a private space, get your breasts out in the sun (just don't get burnt and create more pain!)

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Testimonial for "The 3 Day Thrush Cure"

Even My Paediatrician Was Impressed!

I was so glad to do it naturally, and even my paediatrician was impressed with how quickly it cleared up my toddler's thrush!

Christine M, Quebec


Her Tongue Looks Like she Never Had Thrush!

Her tongue looks like she never had thrush and her eczema has cleared up to! Her skin is smoother and more natural feeling!

Carm M

New Mexico