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I decided to create a photo gallery for the site because there are so many gorgeous shots now.  Having a baby and a digital SLR has been great because they love the attention and sit fairly still so I've been able to practice using my camera quite a lot!!

In the moment

This photo was taken on my older son's bed, I slightly overexposed it deliberately so tat it would have that glowing quality that you get with newborn skin.  I know that I'm unlikely to have another baby so I'm trying really hard to enjoy every moment of him while he's tiny!

Early morning breastfeed in the dark

This shot was taken in the early morning on my phone camera.  We were sitting near a blind that was allowing a small amount of light through and I though it really captured the calmness of the moment!

My second baby smiling at 7 weeks

Taken in my front yard again with my phone.  Not the best photo in terms of lighting, but his sheer joy makes up for that.  He's 7 weeks old in this shot and just loving looking at the leaves.

I've been quite impressed with my phone camera.  It's got more megapixels than the little point and shoot that we used for my first boy's first 5 months!  Having a digital SLR is great but sometimes it's nice to capture the moment as it happens rather than posing everything or carrying a huge great comers bag around!

My 2nd baby smiling at 6 weeks

Taken on my phone after a bath, this was at 6 weeks old and he'd just started smiling.  He'd been teasing us with how gorous his smile would e by smiling in his sleep for several weeks before he fully started smiling at us!  Unfortunately the light isn't great in my bathroom so the shutter speed was a bit slow and the shot is blurry, but still one of those precious memories!

This was one of those times I was really glad that I had the phone in the bathroom so I could capture some gorgeous smiling action!  The other great thing about the phone compared to the SLR is that I can look at the screen rather than through the viewfinder so that means I can hold it away from my face and smile at my little guy while I take the shot.

Breastfeeding in the early morning

This was taken again in that early morning feed near the blind.  It shows you just how red his skin got when he was still little.  I know it looks odd, and I think the phone probably did capture the colour slightly wrong but he really did get quite red at times!  That kept happening til he was about 6 weeks old and suddenly we stopped noticing it!

I think it had something to do with his skin still being so transparent as a newborn and the blood perfusion was fabulous!!  We did worry about it for a while, but he'd settle back to normal colour again pretty quickly so after a while we just got used to it.

Breastfeeding cross legged

My first little boy was a bit over 2.5 years old when my second was born and of course still needed a lot of my time.  I spent a lot of time breastfeeding while playing with my first little guy.

When my baby got long enough to rest on my lap it was so much easier.  This is me in my older boy's tent (a single man tent that was quite awkward to get into with a hungry baby!) witting cross legged breastfeeding while playing.

These second children certainly are a lot more adaptable!

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