Even though I had experienced breastfeeding two babies, my third baby was really challenging to feed

by Narelle

My second child had only just finished breastfeeding a few months before my daughter was born and I thought everything would be really easy, but I was in for a shock!

My daughter was a lot smaller than my boys had been and consequently had a really little mouth. The difference between a two year old mouth and a newborn's is quite large, but to go to a newborn with a particularly tiny little mouth was tough.

My nipples were really sore for at least a month after she was born, and the initial few feeds were difficult for us.

Obviously everything got easier with each passing day, but I was really surprised that it would be so difficult after the first two babies had fed so easily.

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Every baby is a different little person, and may breastfeed differently
by: Rebecca

It's such a common misconception that mothers who successfully breastfed a previous child (or more!) won't have any problems with the latest addition to their family.

Some things to keep in mind with each new baby are:

Their anatomy may be different - difficulty opening their mouth wide or turning their head, a tongue tie etc

They may suffer from other problems - reflux, colic or something more serious like a hole in the heart can all change the way a baby attaches and breastfeeds

Your milk supply may be different - sometimes if you have very boisterous older children your energy levels and milk supply might be lower

Their birth or first breastfeed may not have been optimal - getting a baby's breastfeeding reflexes primed after birth makes a really big difference to how well they will breastfeed

Above all, try to take it slowly and not expect to know what is happening. If your baby is responding differently to how your other children did, treat each moment as a new challenge an get help from a lactation consultant if you need to.

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