The Saddle Position

saddle position breastfeeding

The saddle position involves the baby sitting astride the mothers leg, facing the mother. It is useful for mothers who have a particularly forceful letdown reflex as they can lean back a little (called a reclining feed) so that gravity isn't increasing that letdown.

This is also a very good position to feed babies suffering from excess wind or colic as gravity helps keep the milk they've just swallowed in their stomach rather than coming back up, and helps them release and air they have swallowed

It is also a useful position for older babies who are too heavy to hold in a classic cradle hold. In effect it is also how mothers feed their babies when in a baby carrier (discreetly walking around whilst feeding, it's an art to get your breast in the right position, but worthwhile to practice if you are a busy, on the go type.

Nipple soreness is another reason you may choose to use this position. Some babies cause a lot of damage in just one area of the nipple. If this is the case changing which position they are in can help to relieve the trauma on that one part.

There are two common reasons for nipple damage. Your baby could potentially have a tongue tie or their breastfeeding reflexes may not have been primed. Using baby led latch may help you to establish these breastfeeding reflexes so your baby opens their mouth wider and sticks out their tongue further.

It is also very useful for draining milk from the bottom part of the breast and can be good for mothers experiencing blocked ducts or mastitis in this area.

To use the saddle position:

  • Sit in a comfortable chair
  • Allow yourself to recline a little
  • Place your baby with their legs astride your leg on the side you wish to feed from
  • Allow your baby to lean forward towards your breast, allowing them to find the nipple themselves

Sometimes you may need to shape your breast a little to get them to attach well, but avoid taking your breast towards your baby, if it is not working move your baby rather than yourself.

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