Breastfeeding Day 3

My massive baby!

Breastfeeding day 3 and I'm still wondering how on earth I managed to fit such a big baby inside and somehow push it out! At 9 pounds 13 ounces (4455g) he was a big baby.

Being so large I expected him to be reasonably hungry and I'm very happy to breastfeed on demand but there are two things happening that make it difficult for me.

For one my nipples are getting worse, with the blisters starting to look more like blood blisters, sigh....  I remember this so vividly from last time, with me ending up bleeding on my first bubbas face. it's mildly stressful just to look at.

The other problem is that I've got a lot of milk/colostrum and i think it's too much for his poor little stomach to cope with as there is suddenly a lot of vomitting.  I'm worried I'm overfeeding him given all this spilling/positing, but I just don't know what else to do.

We try to get him settled with some finger sucking instead of feeding, bu tit doesn't seem to help.

Then I make a decision that I regret now.  I decide that if he's not going to sleep by breastfeeding or finger sucking I'll give him a chance to cry a bit.  Now I'm not talking about him crying without me there, but still it was heart wrenching anyway.

After about 10 mins of him just escalating in his cry despite me being there patting him I decide (through tears of guilt) that this is definitely not what is going to work in this situation.

I feed him to sleep at this point and finally have the brain wave that perhaps i'm not burping him well enough.  After all, how could he really be full on just a five minute suck every 40-60 minutes?

Once I get this right i also end up sleeping sitting up with him so that he doesn't vomit.  That way we ended up with a 5 hour sleep!  A light at the end of that tunnel at least!

The other thing I console myself with after feeling incredibly guilty is that the brain naturally goes through a pruning of connections which aren't used much - so he will definitely not remember or be scarred by my little crying to sleep episode!

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