Breastfeeding Day 8

Breastfeeding Day 8 sees us go for our first family outing.  We love to shop at the farmers markets and so it was natural to want to make this our first outing (and we'd missed all our wonderful fresh produce from not being able to come after the birth the previous week!!)

It all started out really well.  My little guy just slept in the carrier while we were there and I gave him a feed in the car when he woke up as we tried to transfer him into the carseat.

We came home and the morning went pretty well, but then I had a friend who is an amateur photographer (and whose style I really love) come over and do some photos for us......

Well that was all a bit much for my little guy.  He was great while she was here but then by the end of the day he couldn't even stay asleep.

I was breastfeeding him every 20 minutes and he'd fall asleep  on the breast and then wake again 10-20 minutes later screaming......

Poor little fellow was quite distressed, and it didn't improve that night.  It took me til midnight to get him settled enough to sleep at all, and that was despite me bedsharing with im which usually means babies are heaps more settled......

It just goes to show that you forget how little you did with your first baby!  We had the occasional lunch out together as a threesome but there was never anything more than one thing on a day and that wasn't every day either.

With the second bub I was more comfortable with the whole idea of having a baby and less cautious, and of course my first son needs a certain amount of play time with friends too so we are automatically busier...!

(I've since found that a day at home with no other people visitn suits us all quite well and Im' aiming for at least one a week, if not two.)

Babies are amazing though - how cool is it that they can eat, drink and sleep all at the same time!!

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